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The Lineup::

Rose Nectar

Rose meets lemonade to create this delicate delight, perfect for a hot day on the lawn.


Reisling takes a dive of a lifetime, refreshing with a deep blue taste, highlighted by citrus.



Moscato drowning in deep blues, highlighted by an island vibe of coconut to make you feel just right.

Moscato haunted by an influence of cononut, but mellowed by some tropical comfort.

SNeak Attack

summer breeze

A delightful d'asti dreams of island notes of mango, pineapple and watermelon to create the perfect vacation in a bottle. Cheers!

A naughty sangria danced with a dose of tropical punch to deliver the right amount of sneak action. Be careful, she's packin;.

Peach Sap

Moscato drippin' peach essence, shinning from its dash of lemonade and lemon-lime.

Grape Crush

Moscato happily married with grape notes to create a thrilling sensation of bubbly behavior.

wicked apple

The Rind

Moscato and pineapple? It doesn't get any better than this, my dear.

A deadly dose of crisp apple, followed by a hint of coconut to knock your socks off. Watch out for that house, witch.

Wild Thorn

Moscato with an obsession for strawberry, and a mild crush on her friend lemonade.

Each one of our Mimosa flavors are blended with only premium ingredients to create an unforgettable and consistent taste. That's why Roses & Chardonnay is perfect for the convenient consumption in the comfort of your own home, perfect for the family cookout or the Party of a lifetime.



standard 16oz. bottle

per flavor

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five 16oz. bottle batch

per flavor


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Ten 16oz. bottle batch

per flavor



You can contact us via our business phone, or you can opt to message us on facebook to get a quote for an event, or to complete a standard order. mimosas are subject to availability, so please contact us to verify our inventory before making a personal order.


Email: rncmimosas@gmail.com

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#: 850-221-0986

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